About me

Hello! I am a 3d visual effects and graphic artist and this is my website to display creative works i have done and hopefully inspire others to do more. I am currently based in Lagos Nigeria and available for freelance work.


These are the latest projects. Check it out!

Tools and Services

Here is a list in alphabetical order of a few of the skills in which i have various degree of proficiency in:
2d Design and Animation
The use of 2d images and design to create animation
3d Modelling and Animation
Creation of 3 Dimensional object and animating of object in 3d
Logo Design
Creating symbol or other design used to identify brands and product
Motion Graphics
Use of digital footage or animation to create the illusion of motion or rotation
Photo Edition
Photo editing and manipulation of images
Video Compositing
Combining different graphic and visual elements from separate sources into single shot or animation to create the illusion that all those elements are parts of the same scene